Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Song(s) of the Moment [9]

This is a feature I've started where I pick a song that represents the week, day or month; that fits with a moment I recently had. Or that's been on repeat.
Since very little happens to me on a weekly basis I only post every two weeks.

No Fred Astaire this week.
But it is a musical.
And it does tie-in to Meg-a-Readers. It's the last week so it only seemed right.

And really this might actually be my last Meg-a-Readers post - not counting the closing post on Friday- I did have a few more planned but I feel like I've said enough this time around.
Which can translate to: I feel like if I try writing more it's just going to be redundant to what I've already said.

This song choice also ties into something I said in one of my post, where I quoted the song For Good from Wicked.

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