Friday, July 10, 2015

Happenings 7/10

So this is turning into a thing. As much as I try to avoid the "what's going on in my life" posts; here we are.
And as always, it's pretty much nothing.

If I ever tell you I have a fabulous life with such amazing people in it. I'm lying.
Really, if I ever use the word "amazing" to describe a person I'm probably doing it sarcastically. Which unfortunately doesn't translate well when written so chances are I never will.

My life is so humdrum that every once in a while I hope for an earthquake just to shake things up.(pun not intended) Nothing big just give me something new!
My life is so humdrum that I use words like "humdrum." I might change the title of these posts to My Humdrum Life now that I think of it. It's better sounding than Happenings.

Moving on. What is happening?
Well earlier this week I sat down to write up this week's posts and decided that I didn't want to. Which is actually why I decided to do this post. Instead of multiple posts throughout the week I'm just going to do one big one at the end of it. Plus my back has been hurting for a long while now; that I probably shouldn't spend too much time at a desk while I can avoid it.

I spent most of last week watching the Back to the Future trilogy; it was on two days straight I couldn't not. Especially since 12 hours prior to the marathon I was at the Hollywood Bowl for the 30th Anniversary screening.


Largest audience ever, and a lot of them were dressed up so I found myself falling in love with a lot of them.
This was also the only thing I signed up to do this summer so there's very little to look forward these next few months.
Except the Grease sing-a-long.

Truth: most "fabulous" part of my life? Old movies.
And fandoms.

Since I spent so much time with it last week this week's song of the moment, of course, would have been:

Speaking of movies I went to a preview of a certain Maze Runner squeal and by "went" I literally mean I went, I didn't actually get to go in. Which is the only reason I'm mentioning it, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to say anything since they make you sign a bunch of stuff. But since I never review movies here it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway.

Sadly the theater filled up before I got there and all I got to see were a bunch of angry moms attacking the poor messenger.

Instead I got to spend my evening at the bookstore which is basically my idea of home:

Segway #2.
Speaking of home, spending time at the bookstore is preferable, because since last week I decided to "reorganize" which resulted in every available flat surface ending up coverer.
Including my desk.

So reason number two for the writing break.

This is probably going to be the norm for at least next couple of weeks if not months. Review weeks will most likely continue at scheduled but let's call every other week humdrum.

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