Friday, July 24, 2015

Wanna Help Me Pick Out A Dress? (My Humdrum Week 7/24)

I am so glad I decided to have "off" weeks, because even if I hadn't, I doubt any posts would have gone up this week because I was not in the mood to get up at all.
Of course if I don't get up my back starts hurting from staying in bed too long, but there's really no win since it'll probably hurt at some point in the day anyway so I'll want to get back in bed.

My not wanting to do anything worked perfectly for the High Summer Read-a-thon. I'm not sure what my page count is, but I did finish a book.
Now it goes on my list of reviews I need to write.

Thankfully I've been able to get my list of books to review under some control. I say this then look down at all the books waiting. But as far as deadlines go I'm good.

I should probably remember to not get to comfortable with the way I'm doing things right now because I do not want this to be a normal thing.
I would say I'm giving myself two weeks, but some things sure to fly out the window so fingers crossed two weeks.

Technically it's three weeks but I'm not counting next week, just because.
No explanation there, but I'll throw in my song for the week:

I should probably explain that post title, even though I might not need as much help choosing anymore.
Simply put: I need help picking a dress for a wedding next month.

My original pick turned out to need a few alterations that I don't want to hurry and get. Plus the wedding will be at Disneyland and the dress was the same green as a certain pixie's so best to avoid the comparison.
I'd love to think there wouldn't be a comparison but someone will see it.

My new picks are a Sleeping Beauty pink (sorry couldn't resist) and a magenta ( I don't know any character that wears that color).

Black earrings and silver & pink bracelet (weird glow makes it look yellow)

(Necklace for charm pending.)
Of course my Cinderella poster in the back to set the scene.
I'm leaning towards the first, other than having it forever and never having worn it I just found a minor flaw in the second, but I have been so indecisive that I decided to throw it to the crowd. 

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