Friday, August 7, 2015

My Humdrum Life [8/3]

I'm getting lazy.

So lazy in fact that I was partially tempted to just leave it at that.

You would think that me telling myself I'm getting lazy would be motivation to move; but no, not really.

I've lost count how many times I've asked myself, this week alone, what the last review I wrote was. And then there's the fact that I'm trying not to overthink that I have to read two books for a review next month (exactly) but haven't received them yet.
I got them in formats I can't open so am waiting for one that I can.

Am I complaining or just telling you my woes?
I hate being a complainer. On the rare occasions I do, I'll usually get it out so fast that the person I'm talking to just smiles and tries to calm me down.

I have no problems sharing my woes though. And those are the ones people usually ignore, so it's more or less just filling up silence.

[Cue Silence]

In regards to my "humdrum" post two weeks ago; I picked a dress.
And then fell in love with one I saw online; but have no intentions on spending that much money on a dress for a wedding that isn't mine.

So I'm back to shopping for one and hoping that I do and don't fall in love.
Do: because it'll be so easy to just pick and be done with it.
Don't: because I'm still holding out for the ones I have.

After I had picked a dress and had stopped thinking about it, I moved on to what I want to wear to the Grease sing-along. (I'm not always this focused on clothes, normally I pick pretty quickly and change my mind an hour before.) I was enjoying the change of decision but then told myself I was overthinking it and somehow jumped back on the wedding dress debate.

Here's hoping I do (or maybe don't) find a dress soon.

For the record: I've had people try the "You have 5 minutes to pick and be done with it" method, but that just results in me picking to get them off my back so I can change my mind later.

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