Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Books'n'Bloggers Swap Show Off

So yesterday I walked out into the living room and saw a box.
Actually it was two boxes but apparently the second was filled with spoons, and I was naturally suppose to know that. (Because I had just taken a spoon out of it that morning.)

But onto the other box, which I was told was for me, and then immediately asked what was in it.
Told them plutonium. They did not get my Back to the Future reference. Then the logical person informed them it was books (because what else would it really be?)

And it was!

From my swap partner Judy at knottyneedle. Thank you so much!

Silver Witch - A book you haven't read, but want to
A Court of Thorns and Roses - A book you read and loved
The Princess Bride - A book from partner's wish list

Plus Aphrodite's Blessing (because I love mythology), The Princess Bride DVD (to go with the book), some bookmarks and a coloring book (which is just so pretty) with colored pencils.

I can not wait to start reading, watching and coloring, knowing me some probably at the same time.

Hope she loves the books I picked out, I had to go out of town for a wedding last week so I couldn't go all out picking as I would have liked, but I did pick out some good ones.


  1. The Princess Bride?!? We were just talking about the movie the other day at work. It seems to be an office favorite. But, I've never read the book. Looks like you got a fun lot to read!

  2. What what what talk about an awesome partner. Anyone who gets TPB stuff is AWESOME. :D Love that DVD cover (and *so* still need it for my collection). Also, a coloring book, too? Wow! Happy reading and coloring and watching (hehe), Diana!

  3. You got an awesome partner! I am having so much fun seeing what everyone else got and gave for this book swap. I had an amazing partner and got some awesome books last well! Enjoy!

  4. WOW- what a great package! All good books, and of course the best movie ever. ;) How fun to get some coloring in, as well! It makes a great stress reliever. Thanks for joining us for this swap!

  5. That's an amazing package of goodies! Enjoy reading, coloring, and watching a movie!