Friday, October 9, 2015

FightFall Read-a-thon Update

Pages Read: 50
Books Finished: 1

Technically it was a short story. But I finished it! Got to class really early twice and finally had lunch alone.

I'm really starting to think it's people who make me anti-social.
Well mainly when those people love starting conversations with the phrase "There are three things you never discuss: religion, politics and love." Then go on and preach about the first two.
Never let me get in a word, except to answer the question: "So you got a boyfriend yet?"
Which I'm pretty sure pertains to the third topic.

With conversations like that who wouldn't want to be the weird lonely person eating lunch with a book. Although, are you ever really alone with a book?

People complaint over.
The Body Snatcher. It's both good and a little bit "what?"
It caught my attention but I guess I was expecting either a little more drama or suspense. Before I finished I looked it up online and realized it's inspired by a story of a real grave robber so that did make it a little more interesting.

I more or less gave up on one book I had planned to read and the other is being read slowly.


  1. Hi there! Yeah, I agree with your rant above. And no...never alone with a book. lol I enjoy my alone time, thank you. And no, I don't have a boyfriend. I've only been divorced for a bit over a year and I don't believe in jumping into new relationships. Hell, I may never date anyone. I have my kids so... I know I won't get married again. Oh dear...I turned this comment into a rant.

    Anyhoo, I'm late making the rounds, but wanted to stop by and thank your for joining me again. Sounds like you've been doing some interesting reading. I hope you enjoy the remainder.

    1. Hey rant on, this is clearly the zone for it. I have to answer the boyfriend question at least once a week; and it usually just turns me off on the idea.
      But no need to get too far into that.