Monday, October 5, 2015

FrightFall Read-a-thon

This month has started off very "bleh, whatever, is it over yet?" I could barely bring myself to read anything the entire weekend. Which, of course, probably upset me even more.
I actually threw a book across the room. I wasn't enjoying it much anyway.

I think I'm always saying that this read-a-thon will be one of the last few I can really enjoy before whatever I think is going to happen happens. I'm going to say that again but only because I have two weeks left of class so I really don't know what will be happening.
Not that I plan to give up reading.

If anything I'll probably just be cutting back seeing as that I'm a three or four books at a time type of reader.

Probably not this week though.

First off for my "fightfall" read I'll be reading The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson, it's a short story in a book I have and I just read the description so now I can't wait to get to it.

And the other books I'll be reading are:

Black Widow: Forever Red The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2)


  1. Have fun reading for this read-a-thon!!

  2. I have heard of the body snatcher but haven't read it yet. Have fun reading when you can and good luck with your classes.

    1. Thanks! The Body Snatcher was pretty good, I'd recommend it.

  3. Both of those look great, I'm looking forward to that Black Widow book and I want to read some Riordan too (probably the new one). Good luck with the readathon!

    1. Black Widow is really great so far. And I've been hearing a lot about the new Riordan book sounds so good.