Friday, November 13, 2015

Humdrum 11/13

I woke up today, went back to sleep got out of bed a few hours later. Got online, not entirely sure what I did. Off line. Back online, trying to write.
Mainly spacing out.

That first sentence is basically a normal morning, since I finished with class.
Of the three guys who told me they're starting business and they might be able to use me; one probably thought I was overcharging him, the second called me this week to say he missed flirting with me (he's married with three kids and his "business" is currently still in his head, so why I haven't blocked his number yet I don't know.) And the third did give me a job, but never called me to finalize anything. Project is just sitting there.

Besides "soul searching" to really decide what I want to do, as I've been telling people, I've been (finally) setting up my jewelry shop. I've only been saying I would since April, and I was hoping to have it done by the end of the week (today) but as I proved above I distract easily.
So fingers crossed that it's up and running by early to mid-next week.

I mainly need to write out a bunch of pretty words to describe the pieces.

I'm sorry to say that with all my extra time I haven't been getting much done. So that being said, I'm really glad that I'm almost done with the setup.

I keep saying I'm going to setup a schedule for everything, but apparently I need to schedule that in too.

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