Friday, December 11, 2015

Humdrum 12/11

I wrote out a schedule of things I wanted to do, and then realized that was pretty pointless because that's the way my thoughts were already running so there was no real reason to put it down in writing.
Unless actually having it on paper makes me do it.

We'll have to see.

I haven't written anything since before Thanksgiving; but I have a pretty good reason this time.
Unlike all those other times.
To be fair all those other times I have no problem admitting that I've gotten lazy. Which is true in this case too. The reason for the schedule.

But not only did my chair break earlier this week- while I was sitting in it of course- but I was also put in charge of the family Christmas gift. Which was mentioned to me like a week after Christmas last year. In my defense I was probably told that it wasn't happening anymore so I stopped worrying about it.
But then, since I love a deadline and freaking out about not having everything I need to get something done, I got the go ahead.
A lot of my time since has consisted of Facebook stalking most of the family and realizing: Facebook really does suck.

I mean who has the time?
I'm guessing the answer is: People who don't actually post themselves.

I am about to start going on about Facebook and the family members who only ever post pictures of themselves and spend the rest of their time looking through what everyone else is posting and then sharing it with people who don't care.

So I'm going to stop there.
Except I will say; I did try to get this person to help but he wouldn't. Or was no real help at all.
This is why I never ask for help.

In other news, I've mentioned, on more than one occasion, here that I make jewelry and that I've wanted to set up something to sell them. Well I finally did.

I would love to say the hardest part was simply starting it, which was pretty hard. But from what I've gathered so far the hardest part is keeping up with it.
Much like this blog it's something that I have to give special time to.

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