Monday, December 21, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Books I Read in 2015

"A couple of weeks ago when I listed my favorite books so far of 2015, I mentioned that 6 months and 50 something books into the year I had yet to be "wowed.""

That's from a review for a book that I'll be mentioning later this week.
Spoiler: it "wowed" me.

Apparently this is something I've been thinking about since June. As every month went by I admit I would find myself looking at the books I had read this year (82 as of now), and wondering what book I would be adding to this list.

In the four years that I've been listing my top ten books of the year, I'm pretty sure I've never had as much trouble as I did this year. So much so, that I am not naming 10 but 9.
I could have easily added one that I really enjoyed to round out the list, in past years I've had so many favorites that I had to make an honorable mention list. But other than barely managing to count out ten books, I didn't want to add any of those possible "honorable mentions."

Because I don't feel they're worth the mention for some reason or another.
In the end there were three possible number tens- well originally two, the third was one I just finished reading.

One was the Harry Potter series (like I was going to try and pick just one); reading this series was my one true New Year's resolution for this year, and each time I would finish a book I would think "Yeah, you're so in the top ten." But when it came down to writing this list I started thinking, do these books really need to be added to another list?
I know I'm super late to this party and I don't need to reserve a post to tell everyone how great I thought the books were.
Basically what I'm saying is this series is too good for a mere top ten list.

My second choice was one that did make my top ten list for the halfway point of the year*, but six months later I don't think it's worth mentioning again. I really do think it would have been somewhere on this list - not necessarily number ten- but there are multiple reasons for me knocking it off the list, most of which I won't share (sorry, slightly personal) All in all though I just don't think it's worth a second mention. I loved it back then, it's still one of my favorites but it's not making it on this list.

And like I said with the third I just finished reading it and as much as I enjoyed it I felt a little weird giving it a spot, since in the end it basically is a last resort.
Which it was, but still. I don't like last minute choices.

So those are my reasons for not having ten books in this year's top ten. Some were too good and some just weren't worthy.

*Note for my top ten list from six months ago, only five of those books made it to this list. Mainly because the other four were read afterwards.

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