Friday, February 12, 2016


I called it last month, I said I wouldn't officially be back until Valentine's day weekend.
Finally after almost two months I have a desk chair again!

How a chair I ordered the day after Christmas takes until Valentine's Day to be delivered I'll never know. Actually according to the delay notice it would have taken until St. Patrick's Day.
Because, yeah, the place I ordered it (cough cough Target) wanted me to wait another month. I'm not so sure what's so special about that type of chair that they kept delaying it. But after the second delay I decided I didn't care to find out.

Unfortunately it was the only one I liked and had a good price, hence my willingness to wait a month, but surprisingly after a month of not getting any work done I was getting pretty anxious. So when I got an email telling me that it would be another month, I decided to say goodbye.
Well not really since I ordered the same styled chair (only difference is that it's backless) from the same place, huge difference this one was actually delivered within the week.
Are chairs with backs harder to make? Who knows!

Oh how I've missed ranting! It will probably take me a bit to get back into whatever groove I had before my unexpected break here. Especially since there's so many other ideas that came to mind that I wanted to do.  Thankfully in that time I took a day to catch up on all my reviews, so now it's just a matter of typing them up here.

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