Monday, April 18, 2016

Me Again

In which I once again introduce myself.
I should say attempt to introduce myself.

Me: I'm a blogger that shows up every so often in a big way. Much like the Hollywood Bowl, we have our seasons. (Sorry for the comparison but I just got tickets to a show I'm going to see so it's on my mind.) I'm someone who goes off topic.
I'm someone who still can't believe authors and publishers are letting me review their books. Considering the whole going off topic and the strange things I say. I'm someone who is getting better at not doing those things, but in the end really missing that part of myself. As crazy as some of my early reviews are I do miss the way I expressed myself in them.

(I once made a reference to clapping like a seal.)(That's also the one review I would love to rewrite.)

I'm someone who sees a comment from an author about a review I wrote on their books and thinks: "Oh crap! Wait, what did I say?"

I'm someone who doesn't put herself out there too often. Which makes me very happy and thankful for those who have found me and stuck around.

Outside of my blog I make jewelry, both to wear and to sell. I'm someone who has been listening to "helpful advice" from people telling me how to sell or make my stuff for maybe as many years as I've been blogging.
I'm a designer, which invites those "helpful" people to tell me to join a fashion design class or simply to design for the sake of designing.
I'm the only one who sees the problem in both those ideas: I'm a graphic designer who knows (or even cares) nothing about fashion. (My style is a modern vintage boho twist, not always at the same time.)
I do know how to sew and on occasion have made my own clothes. I'm also pretty sure I'd be the only one willing to wear it.
Plus I'm pretty selfish so I'd like to keep my style to myself anyway.

I am an aspiring book cover designer. Who is failing in the pursuit because most publishers are in New York and/or are not into the idea of a novice.
I am a designer who so does not want to go to an art school.

I'm also a photographer who loves working with a small handheld camera instead of a big expensive looking "professional" one, because at the end of the day it's not the camera taking the picture but the person.
I can't stand people taking pictures with their phones. Mainly because as a designer they always think I can magically make them look better.

I'm someone who, when not creating one thing or another, or reading, is most likely watching a really old movie. Gene Kelly, Fred and Ginger musicals: love, love, love.

I'm someone who knows her flaws. I procrastinate, I let fear of the unknown take over, I'm often jealous, and when my mood crashes it's pretty much the end of everything.
I'm currently working on making a list of music genres I listen to when I'm in a certain mood to have as a warning system.
Classic rock: "Not in the mood to even think about it." Classical: "Why! Everything sucks!" Opera: "Don't even."

I do sometimes talk about myself in third person.
And I am very surprised that I managed to write all that I just did.

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