Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Moment from this Past Year


Songs of the Moment is a bi-monthly feature I started where I pick a song that represents the week, day or month; that fits with a moment I recently had. Or that's been on repeat.

My top 5 favorite songs from this year of blogging:

Why it was a song of the moment: It's my "Song of 2015."

Why is was a song of the moment: ...from the movie Royal Wedding. Which I watched while reading Meg Cabot's Royal Wedding...
And I mean literally while I was reading.

Why is was a song of the moment: I spent most of [the] week watching the Back to the Future trilogy; it was on two days straight I couldn't not. Especially since 12 hours prior to the marathon I was at the Hollywood Bowl for the 30th Anniversary screening.

Why is was a song of the moment: I had someone on my mind.
Haven't seen him again

Why is was a song of the moment: I couldn't not fall in love with this song, but what made me love it more was the background story. I don't even know why I decided to look up it's origin- clearly that's how much I liked it- but it turns out it's from a Charlie Chaplin movie which I thought was pretty awesome.
Me: any excuse to fall in love with something from the past.

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