Sunday, April 17, 2016

State of the Blog

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When I decided to do this post I was in "a mood."
It might have also been 4 in the morning. Really, some of my best blogging goes on when I'm nowhere near this blog.

This was meant to tie in with something I said in this week's kick off post, where I asked "Dare I push this to seven years."
Will I be doing this in two more years?
It's something I've been asking myself often. I won't say it's kept me up at night but it probably does make an appearance when I'm already awake thinking about everything else.

I think I'm at a point where I'd be alright walking away from this blog. But then I remind myself that I'm not going to stop reading (although this month has been like zero in that department) the books that I review and thanks to this blog I've found so many books and authors that I might have otherwise never known.
And that's not something I'd like to walk away from.

"Life" is piling up around me, my procrastination isn't getting any better, and the posts here are... posted when expected? Tuesdays, without a doubt I'm either talking about music or making a top ten list. And if you're looking for a review you'll find it on Friday. (With a few exceptions.)

I'm not saying I'm in a rut; but I guess it has kind of gotten redundant. I do and I don't like that.
I do because of it's structure: I can sit down to write for a certain day and know exactly what my starting point is; be it a quote, whatever song I'm listening to, or what I've been reading.
Don't; because there's not much variety. You do the same old same for so many years you will get a bit bored of it.

This isn't an announcement of big changes coming. Like I said I like the structure. That's just my main reason for considering pulling the curtain here.

I've decided that I will be pushing this blog to seven. I'm promising myself (and this blog) right here right now that there will be a seventh blogovesary. It may be my last but it will happen.

Hard thing to promise, I know. There's no saying what will happen in two years but short of something major and life changing I'm sticking around until I say so.

Here's to (at least) two more years!


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