Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Books for the Summer Reading Challenge

There's still time to join the Summer Reading Challenge before it kicks off this Friday!

The story behind it:
So many years ago, (maybe four) I was invited to join a summer reading challenge, which I loved so much that I was always looking for someone to do it again or something like it.

When I didn't find any I decided to look into it and discovered that the original blog that first hosted it no longer exists, like click on the link and get weird car ads, non-existing. I thought maybe the blogger (her name is Kate) just decided to change blogs but nope. If she did I didn't find any trails leading to her.

I loved doing this challenge so much that I hope she won't mind me taking it and giving it another home.
And inviting others to join in.

The challenge: Read a book for every category.

The categories are:
1. One Book Recommended By A Friend.
2. One Book That Has Been Sitting On Your Shelf For Over A Year.
3. One Book That Is Being Turned Into A Movie
4. One Book From Your To Be Read List.
5. One Book You've Never Heard Of.
6. One Classic.
7. One Book You Started But Never Finished.
8. One New Release.
9. One Book That Is Outside of Your Typical Genre.
10. One Chunkster (400+ Pages).
BONUS: One Book You Read A Long Time Ago And Don't Remember.*

Challenge runs June 3 to September 3.
I'd love it if you'd join me!

Just leave links with the books you plan on reading in the comments. I'll add an official link up if enough people show interest.

List of course are not set in stone and can be changed. And as for where you're making these list it can be anywhere you want, if you can share a list of books go for it.

*I know a lot of people don't like rereading, and got a few comments on that category last year so I decided to make it a bonus for anyone interested.*

Books I'll be reading:
1. City on Fire by Tracy L. Higley
2. Madam Tussaud by Michelle Moran
3. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
4. Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub   FINSIHED JUNE 26
5. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
6. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry FINISHED JULY 14
7. Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot  FINISHED JULY 20
8. Sister Dear by Laura McNeill  FINISHED JULY 6
9. Come What May by A.M Arthur FINISHED JULY 21
10. And I Darken by Kiersten White   FINISHED JUNE 17
11. Razzle by Ellen Wittlinger

Other Readers Participating:
Christina Torretta
Ronyell (a.k.a. Rabbitearsblog)

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