Monday, July 18, 2016

High Summer Read-a-thon Start Up

This read-a-thon would have been great last week since I had the house (more or less) to myself. Not that I got much reading done; it's one of those weeks were you look back and can't entirely say what you did.
Honestly though, I woke up around 5 this morning realizing I could probably say the same about the last ten months. Changes are coming, and (hopefully) I mean it this time.

Moving on to the books now:

It's about the halfway point for the Summer Reading Challenge I have going on here and I've made some pretty good progress in it. I've read 4 of the 11 and am currently working on two more.
Technically three but one is kind of boring me.

Book I'll be reading this week:
Come What May (All Saints, #1) Ransom My Heart

This is my third year trying Ransom My Heart, first time I barely made it past the first few pages, second year the first chapter, this year I'm finally making progress but I have to admit I keep looking at it and thinking that it has never taken me this long to read a Meg Cabot book.


  1. Good luck with your reading goals for High Summer Read-A-Thon!! I'm participating in it this week as well.

    1. Thanks! Good luck to you too!

  2. I can relate, Diana. Believe me.

    I'm glad to have you with us for another read-a-thon. Hope you enjoy it and get lots of reading done. :)