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Petit Fleurs & Vignettes by Louise Caiola - Book(s) Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published November 6th 2014 by Immortal Ink Publishing

Vignettes by Louise Caiola
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s a first love unfinished, a family bond tested and forged. It’s a young woman staring at the messy underside of her dreams, and another facing a future she hasn’t chosen for herself. We meet an alcoholic country singer trying to be a father, a child who may never hear the beautiful sound of his mother’s voice, a fallen hero’s daughter, a stray who stays, and so much more. In PETIT FLEURS and its companion VIGNETTES, we come to know fascinating and flawed people from all over the world, each with a unique story to tell - scenes of life shown throughout the years. Secrets exposed, tender hellos, and tumultuous goodbyes.

This multi-faceted two-book collection of short stories captures those defining moments that challenge and change us, those that serve as the catalyst to our greatest experiences, our dearest memories, our deepest joy, and perhaps our sincerest sorrows.

Ideal for readers ranging from the seasoned literary fan to today’s savvy young adults.

First off can I admit that I read these stories months ago but just the other night made reference to one... in my sleep.
Clearly they left their impression.

Each and everyone of these stories is beautiful in both very similar ways but also completely their own.
(Because that makes sense!)
I guess what I mean is that life, no matter how it's being lived or what road a person takes, is beautiful if you look at it that way.

These stories are all about different people, in different points in their lives and it serves as a reminder that we're all in this world together but we might never completely know what a person is going through.

I don't think I'd be able to choose a favorite if asked (although I did give one set 5 stars and the other 4 so maybe I could lean towards a few favorites).
Each one is perfectly told, as I've already mention, each brings something special. They're perfectly timed, we get in, meet the characters, find out the situation, see it play out and get out. They're short stories and I think some authors are losing the meaning to that by either giving you something that is far from "short" or just making it seem like they threw something together. While these are a perfect length each.

These stories are so wonderfully done that I think if Louise Caiola decided to stick with short stories and never wrote a full novel again that'd be alright.
I hope not though her novels are pretty amazing too.

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