Monday, August 29, 2016

Thoughtfilled Thoughts: Author Signings*

*Originally and full "thought" post from June 10, 2013

...the people working there realized that the line was longer than they expected and started announcing that we'd only be able to get two books signed.
Now I'd noticed this before, people going around with their wheelbarrows full of one author's books to get signed, I even acknowledged it when I went to the Libba Bray signing back in October, one girl had a bag filled with her books.
But it was at this point, probably because I had the time (almost 2 hours worth), that I kind of started getting annoyed by these people.

I'm sharing this now because it all came back to me last week when I went to a signing with Richelle Mead, where she said she'd sign up to 4 books, and there was everybody with their bags filled with books And this one guy that had his four books and had his dad hold his other four. Yeah don't think I didn't notice that dude, (how I feel about fans; in my next angry rant... I mean thought-filled post), thankfully somehow I managed to get in front of him.

Anyway, my point: WHY?!
Why do you need all your books by that author signed?
I just get the book they're touring for signed, or the previous one in the series if I haven't read it yet. That's what makes them special to me, I can look at my signed copy of Gameboard of the Gods or The Diviners and think back "Oh yeah 2013 or 12 when it came out I remember going up to Santa Monica for that."

It's like in The Incredibles, when they say when everyone is super no one will be. That's the way I see books only a few should be special, well of course all books are special since they all have a memory attached to them, but only a few should hold the memory of being signed.

And what are the chances that had it not been for those people I would have been able to meet Veronica Roth? (Thanks to Lauren Oliver for making me feel better about that.)

By "those people" I don't just mean the ones in her line, she only has two books so it's not that bad - But I also mean the people at the Cassandra Clare signing, those that managed to get more than 2 or by the end 1 book signed.
Although I should also look at whoever scheduled two huge signings within an hour of each other.

Enough about my woes, what about the authors?
Did it ever occur to these readers that the author has around 200 books to sign? And it's not like they're just stamping their names down, they are actually writing something out for you.
Lets take a moment and admire, so much more, authors for doing that because if it were me my hand would be hurting 20 books in.

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