Friday, October 14, 2016

To Do #12: Bateau Ride on the Seine

I started posting my "to do" list aka a bucket list, around the summer I started blogging. And I've only made it to number 12. That's how well that's going.

I had a list all written out, or typed out. (I think I wrote it in a journal, but I'd have to look for it.) Problem with typing, sometimes computers break. I lost that list and never really bothered rewriting it. Until I found the book 2,001 Things to Do Before You Die; I added 102 that I want to do and found that I already had 26 that I've done. (Including "Count up everything in these pages that you've done.")

So until I decide to go back to writing things I want I'm basing a lot of these post on things from that book.

One of the things suggested: Take a Bateau Ride on the Seine.

I have to confess this one was added to the list with a motive. I knew that I was going to be doing it. Or at least hoping I would.

I added it in April, knowing that I would be going to Paris this summer. So I can't say I added it as something that I had always wanted to do, like other ideas on the list. Honestly I can't even say Paris was on top of my list.

But I went, I did, I crossed of that list.

And I will admit there were a lot of pretty things to see.
I will also admit that most of the time I kept thinking of scenes from the movie An American in Paris.

"That little are it looks just like the spot Gene Kelly danced! It probably wasn't.

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