Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten All Time Favorite Movies

Another excuse for me to continue going on about old movies!
That's not true. I won't be going on. I've been trying for a while to write something that would have tied-in well with this list but haven't really been able to.

But a lot of these are old movies. There's a simplicity to them that always make me feel right at home. Which might be saying a lot since I'm usually home when watching.

1) It Happened One Night

2) East of Eden

Can't say I love this trailer though. At least the first half.

3) Grease

4) Rebel Without a Cause

5) How To Marry A Millionaire

6) White Christmas
So looking forward to over-watching this one next month!

7) Back to the Future

8) Singing in the Rain

9) Easter Parade

10) 10 Things I Hate About You


  1. Grease and How to Marry a Millionaire are both awesome!

    1. I have loved Grease since I don't know when.