Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ten Authors I've Been Lucky to Meet

I have been so lucky to get to go to so many author signings over the last so many years. Especially lucky since I never had a reliable source of transportation, so sometimes I wasn't sure if I could go until the last minute. Subway with a bag of books? That's fun.

I say so many but thankfully because of all the festivals I've gotten to meet six authors in a day, sometimes all at once.

Kiersten White, Rachel Cohn, Tahereh Mafi, Michelle Gagnon,
2013 Festival of Books
1) Meg Cabot
The first author I ever met. I made my dad, uncle and cousin run across UCLA to get there, I don't know why we didn't think to stick around the area before hand. I'm pretty sure I cut in front of everyone too.

2) Libba Bray
The best afternoon I ever had.
3) Aimee Carter
The main reason I went to the Festival pictured above. Almost went crazy looking for her booth a guy spinning a lasso was right in front of her so I kept walking by.

4) Richelle Mead
What I really loved about this event was that I got to talk with other fans (for some reason I never manage to at other events), at the time I was in the middle of the Vampire Academy series so everyone had a thought for it. I've met Richelle Mead a second time since and both times she wasn't so sweet, you could tell that she was probably tired but she was still hanging on for us.

5) Laini Taylor
I might have cut in her line too, but that was because it was for both her and Margaret Stohl so the person working there told me I could get back in. But when I did the person I was in front of was already gone. So not really 'cutting' since I was already there first.
6) Margaret Stohl
Get to meet her again this weekend! Along with Victoria Aveyard and Marie Lu.
7) Lauren Oliver
By this point in the day I was so tired and just ready to go. I had been standing in the sun for so long that I had an uneven tan on my arm for, like, two months but she was so sweet that it might it all worth it.

8) Kiersten White
As pictured above. She's so much fun.

9) Tahereh Mafi
I've since stocked her at all these events. By which I mean I'll be standing waiting for one author turn around and see her walking by.
10) Lindsey Leavitt
This was a subway with a bag of books time, made even better because I also won a bag of book that day too.
This one is my favorite author meeting because of the events that led up to that moment: It was while I was with my mom and we were eating lunch and I saw her {Lindsey Leavitt} eating with her daughter.  I had no idea who she was, but I kind of started wondering if maybe she was an author.

Then I got in a fight with a trash can because my napkin wouldn't go in, and my mom dropped rice- and walked away to get something to drink- which pretty much invited all the pigeons to swoop in on me, which made me yell at my mom when she got back.

It could have been all said and done... if she hadn't ended up sitting next to me during the panel we went to.
"Hey! Remember me from a few minutes ago? I was the weird girl that practically made a huge scene with the birds outside. Want an eggroll; that is currently sticking out of my jacket?"
In my defense I had just seen the movie The Birds the week before, and I don't even remember what the deal with the eggrolls was.

Panel ended, she moved up and then I realized "You're speaking on the next panel? You are an author!"

Again all said  and done, if I hadn't been planning on getting this book signed later.
Oh and had they NOT been giving away bags of books and she happened to pull out MY name from the raffle bowl.
"Hello again! Now you know my name. See you at the signing, where I will continue acting odd."

Though that's the way I act with most authors at signings, I never know what to say.

I also remember this event because it was one of the last that Ned Vizzini did, I unfortunately wasn't able to meet him, he was on his way out when I walked in. But I did see his panel and he seemed like a genuinely great person.

These are just ten authors that I've met, I'm actually hoping to meet 5 - 9 again next month since I've decided I want to get my Epic Reads "Book Shimmy" bag signed, I have met a few more all of which are featured in my slideshow on the sidebar.
I'm so bad at taking pictures at these events. hopefully I'll get better next month.
If they're not personalized they were probably just sent to me with the exception of two which were contest wins from the authors.


  1. Lol, you have me laughing about the eggroll incident!! Great story!! You've met a lot of cool authors and winning a bag of books is awesome!!

    I've met a lot of authors too over the years and I never know what to say when I meet them. Telling them "I really like your books." sounds lame as, I'm sure they hear that all the time!! I need to come up with something more original, but I get so tongue tied when I meet authors who's works I've enjoyed reading... In the end I am just happy to have met the author and have them sign their books for me.

    Here's a link to the 11 authors I've really enjoyed meeting: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2017/03/top-ten-tuesday-ten-authors-i-cant.html

    1. I often remember it when I'm eating Chinese food or watching the movie The Birds. The fun thing about the bag of books was that I managed to get a few more signed at both that event and another a few months later.

      Not knowing what to say is why I appreciate authors who jump in and ask questions and just talk to you, it's like they can sense that if they don't I'll just stand there watching while they sign the book. I've met a few celebrity authors that made it obvious they weren't use to doing things like that and it was so awkward.

  2. Awesome list,not going to lie i'm jealous you met Lauren Oliver she one of my favorite authors.