Friday, March 3, 2017

That's So '90s Pop! by Patrick Sullivan - Coloring Book Review

30687935That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book by Patrick Sullivan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published October 4th 2016 by Clarkson Potter Publishers

Join Britney Spears in a maze searching for the necklace she once thought the old lady dropped into the ocean. Join Mandy Moore for a Candy-fuelled adventure in her green VW bug. Color in the scorching tattoos on Nick Lachey’s rippling biceps. All this and so much more to be discovered within the pages of That’s so ’90s Pop, a fill-in activity book featuring a bevy of beloved musical pop stars from the late ’90s/ early ’00s.

Pop Stars Include:
·         The Spice Girls
·         Backstreet Boys
·         Britney Spears

·         N Sync
·         Christina Aguilera
·         Mariah Carey
·         TLC
·         Mandy Moore
·         Enrique Iglesias
·         Destiny’s Child
·         Jessica Simpson
·         Macy Gray
·         Alanis Morisette
·         Aaron Carter
·         Lil’ Kim
·         Pink
·         Blink 182
·         Los Del Rio
·         and more!

First things first, some illustrations are a lot easier to recognize than others.
And I kind of feel bad for those who aren't.

Second: I've been listening to a lot of 90's music because of this book.

This was a total blast from the past. Yes, I am a 90's child. Yes, I was obsessed with the Spice Girls, (no I didn't get to go see the movie, the theater was "closed" that weekend.) Yes, I had Britney Spears posters on my wall. And yes my friends and I had our NSYNC "boyfriends" (Justin!❤)
And every Friday afterschool I was watching whatever show S Club 7 had going at the time. (That was also the unofficial start of my obsession with British television.)

This book is just fun flipping through, but not only is it a coloring book but an activity book too. Because what would a stroll down my childhood be without connect the dots and 'spot the differences'.

It's brought back so many memories and I just love it for that.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


  1. This sounds like a fun colouring book! I love the nostalgia of it.

    1. The nostalgia alone makes it worth it.