Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top 10 Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

Since I didn't do a Top Ten last week I've decided to divide this week into what won't make me want to read a book and what will.

First sticking with this week's topic
5 Things That Will Make Me Not Want to Read a Book:

1) Zombies. Just no. I personally think they're the stupidest paranormal creature ever created. What's the point of them? They're dead, but not.

2) Any famous main characters. This one is new and based on a book I recently DNF. It's always a "lost soul" who no longer finds meaning in their life styles. Or them showing the quiet always kept to themselves (most likely bookworm) girl a "new life."

3)  Romances with "broken" characters. JUST LET SOMEONE LOVE YOU! I don't want to read about how someone changed the other's life by "finding them." And how everything "makes sense now."

4) New girl in (paranormal) town. Chances are high guys will treat her like a new toy, which is how we get a love triangle. (Not that I'm opposed to love triangles. But come on!) And then we have to find some ancient magic somehow tied to her or the town.

5) "For fans of..." recommendations. It's not the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games. And don't even get me started on the Fifty Shades ones.
I once fell in love with a book that had that in the description, funny thing is I hated the book it was comparing it to, had I noticed it before I would have thought "Well I hated that book so I should probably pass on this one," and would have missed out on a book I did like.

Bonus: Easily manipulated guys. This one should actually be a 'What'll Make Me DNF a Book' because obviously I have to start reading to find out the guy will do anything for a pretty face.

5 Things That Will Make Me Want To Read a Book:

1) Favorite author. Of course. I don't even have to read the description. Actually, that's not true there are a few that I will consider passing.

2) Time travel or reincarnation. I'm a sucker for any time mashes. And love through the ages! 😍

3) Mythology. I love all the interpretations authors give to old well known stories.

4) It's on a subject I'm currently obsessed with. I pick up a topic and just need to know more.

5) It's about a real famous person. Emphasis on real, I don't want to confuse it with #2 on the above list, this famous person had to have existed. Like I can go read a history book or biography to learn more or find spoilers.


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