Monday, June 26, 2017

Time For a Movie Night

aka In Defense of My Movie Night Picks. 

It is a dream of mine to find someone to have weekly movie nights with. And I mean a go all out kind of night, if I can do a theme or even a simple tradition I will. (I've dressed up for both the Grease Sing-along and Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl; I'm an all out kind of girl.) As of now it's really just me and it's not so much of a 'movie night' but more like a "Hey a movie I like is going to be on" or a "My mood needs this right now" night. Or evening. Or day, if I'm lucky.

When I find that someone (or someones) there will probably be a lot of compromise because my go to movies are, well, musicals. Of the classic variety.

Even if it's not a musical, it will still probably be an old movie.

In my defense: They remind me of simpler times. That's the answer I usually give when asked why I like "such old things," it's more or less me being silly since my "simple times" were nothing like the times in those movies. I guess if elaborated it could mean a time when movies themselves were simple, back when they didn't count on so many effects or any "wow" factors.

In these movies two characters can meet, fall in love, hit a few bumps and then live happily ever after. Some under 90 minutes.

Example: Fred and Ginger, in at least four of their ten films together Fred sees Ginger falls for her, dances with her (usually after following her) and by the end of the song she's pretty gone too.
Just goes to show that a girl really does love a guy who can dance.
*Random note: I once a sub while watching this movie so now whenever I see it I really want a sandwich. That's how traditions start with me.

Plus they're original. There's a reason so many of these are being replicated. Although if you get technical even some of the ones I love are the remakes.
But there's still nothing like them. I can watch musical dance numbers all day long, and with so many of the dancers at the time I can't help but think that no one today can match what they did then.

Don't even get me started on the fact that he had a fever here.

Besides that they're fun. And funny. I'm a lot more likely to crack up while watching a classic movie than most movies today.

Then let's not forget that a lot of them are iconic. But above all they endure.
The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind all movies still being talked about today. And can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

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