Monday, July 17, 2017

High Summer Readathon Week 1

I feel like this has been such an on going feeling that I'm starting to wonder if what I'm going through is a reading slump or I'm just changing and I'll never be able to spend hours with a book again.

Of course those days of hours of endless reading also included me doing something else that would result in me trying to unwind with a book.
While I have been pretty wound up lately it's more of a tense I can't sit here and just read type.
I work from home (where my sister leaves both her kids) so I think a change of scenery is required. Although really the phrase "work" is questionable; life of a freelance designer. (The other night I had a dream a client actually paid me on time. Yeah.)

I'm half tempted to just start reading all the books I picked for my summer reading challenge and see which sticks. Saying that reminds me that this is actually something I go through most summers so maybe I shouldn't worry too much.
But I really do miss being able to sit down and read without my mind going everywhere else.

I love that this time around for this readathon we're having a Christmas in July weekend and as much as I'd love to participate in that also I can not think of any Christmassy books I'd be interested in. Than again with everything I've just said I can't think of any book that would interest me.

Which is probably why what I plan on doing is kind of sort of very crazy. I want to see how long it takes me to get through all of Shakespeare's plays. Other than a class Saturday morning I'm going to be completely free this weekend and I kind of want nothing more than to spend that time with Mr. Shakespeare.
Although at the end I will probably be referring to him as Will.
(*Note: I know it'll take longer than a weekend, that's just my starting point. Also audio references will be on hand.)

Why? I don't even know anymore. Really, even I'm having a "What?! No I'm not" moment.
Place your bets.

Other books I'll be reading (that maybe might catch my attention that I forget about that plan):

Hunted (Sinners, #2) Tempting Sydney (Tempting, #1)

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