Sunday, July 23, 2017

High Summer Readathon Week 2

Pages read: maybe 100.

I've been wanting to read all week (well technically month/summer) and haven't been able to. I sit down and while it would be a good time to read just kind of space out instead, or if I do try and read my mind just goes off elsewhere. On the plus side I have managed a few creative projects, though not many.

I'm set to review Meg Cabot's new Middle School Princess book and when I got it I thought that it would change all that. I mean, give me a Meg Cabot book and don't think I won't dive in and forget everything else. But even then, in recent years, it's been so hard for me to jump in to her books the way I used to.
Not in that my opinion or love for them has changed; just that it's weird going back into her world. Especially if it's one I spent a lot of time in during high school.

It is definitely top of my list though.
Which did knock down my "read all of Shakespeare plan." But Shakespeare himself helped too. I read one, and immediately started questioning myself why. Why am I making myself read plays that I'm not interested in? I'm still thinking of reading the ones I actually am interested in, but a part of me feels like I'll be missing out on the ones I skip.
This has pretty much turned into a I'll get to it when I get to it sort of idea. (Much like a lot of my life.)

I'm planning on starting a new project tomorrow and I do think that working and focusing on something else will motivate me to read more once I sit down to do so.
And if not I can always count the audiobooks I'll be listening to while I work.

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