Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Song(s) of the Moment {7/25 & 8/8}

Songs of the Moment is a bi-monthly feature I started where I pick a song that represents the week, day or month; that fits with a moment I recently had. Or that's been on repeat.

I missed my last Song post mainly because I wasn't in the mood to sit and write, but of course I did have songs to share. Which I would have shared last week but for unknown reasons I didn't. So I'm going to share them now but first this week's song.

I can't remember the last song in a musical I related more to:

I love the opening line:
Many a lassie as ev'ryone knows'll
Try to be married before twenty-five.
So she'll agree to most any proposal.
All he mus' be is a man, an' alive.

I know that I've mentioned on here that when people try to set me up they're criteria is mainly male, young, alive.
Actually Mexican is usually in there too; because people are stupid. I'm not Mexican nor do I care if anyone else is. Being from a country that speaks the same language my parents raised me to speak does not mean there'll be a natural bond.

And as proven in Brigadoon you don't have to marry a guy just because he's from your village.

But I kind of also feel that opening line fits well with both "Mexicans" and non (there are other countries down there) I'm constantly discussing with my mom, mainly based on my experience with guys that fit the description, that sometimes people who have just come to this country are so lonely they'll settle for any warm body.
I haven't gotten too many arguments on that opinion even though I know it's not true for everyone, of course, but it has also been proven based on the guys who have tried to start a relationship based only on the fact that we're both young and single. They'll play 20 questions trying to find one thing we might have in common but even when they don't find it think it'll still work out.
One even went on about how lonely he was.

But to quickly get off the ethnicity line, I'm pretty sure I've met a few women with the same attitude. Early twenties, never had a boyfriend, first one comes along, and well she's gone; leaving her "sad little life" behind.
Late twenties, "I need to marry before I'm 30!"

Anyway, this might be my new favorite song and I'm totally with Fiona:
I know there's one certain laddie for me.
One day he'll come walkin' o'er the horizon:
But should he not, then an old maid I'll be.
Foolish, ye may say.
Foolish I will stay.
Waitin' for my dearie, an' happy am I
to hold my heart till he comes strollin' by.

Moving on to 7/25

It kept playing the other day and left me feeling pretty optimistic.

Speaking of optimistic, these two had that effect too:

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