Monday, October 23, 2017

#FrightFall Readathon Week 3 Update

Overall Pages read: 528 ish
Overall Books Finished: 6 ish

I'd like to tell myself that one day I'll be better at keeping track of my page count, especially if we keep doing month-long readathons. But then I tell myself that I 'll only be blogging for maybe 2 more readathons. (If the April one falls before my final blogoversary week.) I also keep telling myself to make myself comfortable with the Facebook group, since I won't have the blog for much longer but there's only so much time I like spending on there.
I have trouble listening to myself and yet I keep telling myself stuff.
Even if I won't be posting updates like this  I still probably should make an effort to keep track of my reading; I'd like to think it might get easier because I won't have this blog to go to for all that. I really suck at Bullet Journals. I was going to say maybe that'll get better too but I mainly use it for blog stuff so who knows what'll happen afterwards.

I know it's not a big deal but a page count does matter to me.
As for books read, you'd think that'd be easier to keep track of, it's really 5. But 6ish is because there's an audiobook that I'm not sure should be counted since I really didn't pay attention to.

All those books are thanks to Saturday's readathon.

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