Thursday, November 9, 2017

30 Song Challenge: Song You Know All the Words To

This, like most challenges like this, is technically suppose to be a 30 day challenge but I've decided to make it weekly because; sadly, I'll only be blogging for 23 more weeks (not counting the final blogoversary week).

Song #23: Song You Know All the Words To

Song: That's All
*Note I'm not purposely sharing two Michael Buble songs, this cover is the only one I could find that I like and had lyrics. The playlist I'm adding all these songs to has it as an instrumental...because I know all the words.

I know all the words to this song because it's my absolute favorite.
I know I shared Dream A Little Dream as my favorite but this one is my favorite favorite.
Really I love both songs so much that I once shared them for a Valentine's Tune In Tuesday almost four years ago. So it still holds true, they are both my favorites.

If you really want to go back I also shared That's All for my first Valentine's post six years ago too. In that post I gave an explanation for my love of the song:

There's a whole story behind it, but to tell the truth I didn't pay much attention to it until a theater group went to my high school and put on a musical version of Romeo & Juliet and sang that song during the wedding scene. I'm not a big Romeo & Juliet fan but something about hearing that song again (twice actually I went by the next day too) hit me and I've been obsessed with it ever since.

That's basically what did it for me, hearing "Romeo" and "Juliet" singing it to each other during the wedding scene. (The same goes for the song Zoot Suit Riot which played during the fight scene. -It was set in the 40's; Romeo was a sailor and Juliet was Mexican.) I remember hearing it and having a "I know that song!" moment. (Edie Adams sang it in an episode of I Love Lucy.)

I went home that day smitten, not with just the song but the play too, finally someone made me care about Romeo and Juliet.
After that I would go on about how it was the greatest love song- which I still believe is true- and, of course, I made an effort to learn the lyrics. I wouldn't be surprised if I found them written out in my journal from that time.

Song 24: Just Dance - Lady Gaga
Song 25: Hey Jude - The Beatles
Song 26: Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble
Song 27: Last Time For Everything - Brad Paisley
Song 28: Like A Virgin - Madonna
Song 29: Crazy - Daniela Andrade
Song 30: Dream A Little Dream - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Next week's song:  Song You Can Dance To

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