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Best of: Author Signings

*Originally posted June 10,2013

I'm going to try and keep this from sounding like an angry rant, but no promises.

I would say I've been to a lot of author signings this year, but then when I think about it, it's only been two what with the L.A Book Fair being one big signing.
In which I attended 4 different signings.

It just seems like more since, well I did get more than one author to sign a book.
It's so convenient when they travel in packs.
(Kiersten White, Rachel Cohn, Tahereh Mafi, Michelle Gagnon)
I have to admit I only went to this panel because besides having a lot of time, I won Michelle Gagnon's book Don't Turn Around at the beginning of the year. I haven't read it yet, but I figured I have it I might as well get it signed. (So I better like it seeing how it's been personalized.)
The only author whose work I was familiar with was Rachel Cohn, and I didn't even get her book. And I was interested in Kiersten White's and Tahereh Mafi's books so it was a great opportunity to actually get them. (Ditto what I said above about Don't Turn Around.)

But I'm getting off topic here, the wait line to get to meet all four (or three in my case) of them really wasn't too bad. Main compliant was that we had to wait in the noon sun, you can still see the tan line on my right arm almost two months later (which is fab because I have a wedding to go to this weekend.) But again off topic here.

The line for those four was nothing compared to the one for Cassandra Clare, one author.
It was around this time that I realized that only my right arm was burned, and I started getting mad.

(This is also the point where it might sound like I'm ranting.)

I was alone at this so maybe, probably, if I had a distraction I wouldn't have been so moody, but I was. And I was like the breaking point of the line; group of stranger getting to know each other behind me - talking about movies and superheroes, and how one of them thought she looked like Jennifer Lawrence - she was pretty but no. And another group of strangers in front of me - discussing what they'll say when they get up there and how they'll take their pictures.

Mad #2. Who plans that? I walk up to an author and most of them just start talking.
Except for Meg Cabot, I think she might have left me on my own, but that might have just been me in shock from meeting her.
"It's you! It's really you!"
Alright I didn't actually do that... by myself. Me and my cousin did behind her back when we walked by her and didn't realize right away.
And as for pictures, to get a good one you actually need to stop to take it.

But again I'm off topic here; finally my point and the number 3 thing that got me mad: when the people working there realized that the line was longer than they expected and started announcing that we'd only be able to get two books signed.
Now I'd noticed this before, people going around with their wheelbarrows full of one author's books to get signed, I even acknowledged it when I went to the Libba Bray signing back in October, one girl had a bag filled with her books.
But it was at this point, probably because I had the time (almost 2 hours worth), that I kind of started getting annoyed by these people.

I'm sharing this now because it all came back to me last week when I went to a signing with Richelle Mead, where she said she'd sign up to 4 books, and there was everybody with their bags filled with books And this one guy that had his four books and had his dad hold his other four. Yeah don't think I didn't notice that dude, (how I feel about fans; in my next angry rant... I mean thought-filled post), thankfully somehow I managed to get in front of him.

Anyway, my point: WHY?!
Why do you need all your books by that author signed?
I just get the book they're touring for signed, or the previous one in the series if I haven't read it yet. That's what makes them special to me, I can look at my signed copy of Gameboard of the Gods or The Diviners and think back "Oh yeah 2013 or 12 when it came out I remember going up to Santa Monica for that."

It's like in The Incredibles, when they say when everyone is super no one will be. That's the way I see books only a few should be special, well of course all books are special since they all have a memory attached to them, but only a few should hold the memory of being signed.

And what are the chances that had it not been for those people I would have been able to meet Veronica Roth? (Thanks to Lauren Oliver for making me feel better about that.)

By "those people" I don't just mean the ones in her line, she only has two books so it's not that bad - let's keep that in mind if I find her touring for Allegiant because I will be getting it and Insurgent signed, I promised it it could be special. But I also mean the people at the Cassandra Clare signing, those that managed to get more than 2 or by the end 1 book signed.
Although I should also look at whoever scheduled two huge signings within an hour of each other.

Enough about my woes, what about the authors?
Did it ever occur to these readers that the author has around 200 books to sign? And it's not like they're just stamping their names down, they are actually writing something out for you.
Lets take a moment and admire, so much more, authors for doing that because if it were me my hand would be hurting 20 books in.

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