Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#FrightFall Readathon Closing Post

Pages Read: 950 ish
Books Read: 8
I was 50 pages away from finishing number 9; it's one of those books that has, like, 30 pages of extras in the back so I thought it would take me longer. Oh well.

I've realized why I'm so obsessed with a page count: I don't always finish books in the certain time frame so it's nice knowing at least I'm making progress by looking at the pages.

As it is of those 8 books only two can be considered novels, everything else is short stories. But, hey, I read! And I am no longer behind on my Goodreads Challenge and I did have fun.

Books I read:
My Scary Reads:
COVER NOT AVAILABLE: The Real Bad Friend by Robert Bloch

Other Books:


As for the books I had planned to read: I got three out of the way (the ones mentioned on my Scary list minus the Supernatural one). I was right that Strangers on a Train wouldn't make it far after I got Libba Bray's Before the Devi Breaks You. And I didn't even get to, my first, Anne Rice: Ramses the Damned because I lost a week on one I didn't finish; I plan out my ebooks weird so it probably makes it a bit harder to complete books in a shorter time frame but also gives me more time to focus on them.

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  1. Thanks for joining us! I'm glad you enjoyed it. You got some great reading in. Looking forward to seeing you next time!