Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#4 of 2017: Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

Nemesis by Brendan Reichs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
March 21st 2017 by G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young

Orphan Black meets Lord of the Flies in this riveting new thriller from the co-author of the Virals series.

It’s been happening since Min was eight. Every two years, on her birthday, a strange man finds her and murders her in cold blood. But hours later, she wakes up in a clearing just outside her tiny Idaho hometown—alone, unhurt, and with all evidence of the horrifying crime erased.

Across the valley, Noah just wants to be like everyone else. But he’s not. Nightmares of murder and death plague him, though he does his best to hide the signs. But when the world around him begins to spiral toward panic and destruction, Noah discovers that people have been lying to him his whole life. Everything changes in an eye blink.

For the planet has a bigger problem. The Anvil, an enormous asteroid threatening all life on Earth, leaves little room for two troubled teens. Yet on her sixteenth birthday, as she cowers in her bedroom, hoping not to die for the fifth time, Min has had enough. She vows to discover what is happening in Fire Lake and uncovers a lifetime of lies: a vast conspiracy involving the sixty-four students of her sophomore class, one that may be even more sinister than the murders.

The Mind Melt-er of 2017

"I don't know what this is!" My main thought once I got to the halfway point. I probably shouldn't share my thoughts on the first half because they did get a bit colorful.

I still can't say what this book is, other than something else entirely.

I became so caught up with it I had to continually give myself reality checks. "Real! Not real! These events are not actually happening!" That was definitely a first. And I will say I kind of loved it.

"Kind of loved" my feeling of losing touch with reality. As for the book, that I absolutely loved.

Like I already said, it's something else entirely, there is no Point A to B here; it's more like Point G to Point T to Point K and everywhere in between.

And there is no attempting to figure it out; if you think you do figure it out you're probably lying to yourself.

It's a non-stop mystery where everything and possibly everyone is the mystery.

Calling it amazing would barely be the tip of that iceberg, this is beyond so many things that I'd probably have to go look for a thesaurus to fully justify it.

11 Months Later

It's been so long since I read it but I do remember that loss of sense of reality. I enjoyed it very much. It's so crazy!
As far as 2018 books I'm looking forward to the sequel to this is probably top of the list.

The Day I Met the Author
I'm not sure how many books I was carrying around (in a bag, not a wheelbarrow as some do)  that day (maybe 8) but it was totally worth it. Even if my back ended up hurting afterwards. And I got a pretty bad sunburn.

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