Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Song of the Moment {12/26}/ Year 2017

This is a feature I've started where I pick a song that represents the week, day or month; that fits with a moment I recently had. Or that's been on repeat.
Since very little happens to me on a weekly basis I only post every two weeks.

I've been doing Song of the Moment for three years, but just now I wanted to title this post Tune In Tuesday. I'd say that's my current mind frame, but I have no clue what my current mind frame is.
Like I have no idea what this post was going to be. I had my song ready but I just realized that it's the last of the year so I should be sharing my 2017 playlist. 
I said I would; I just don't remember when.
It's moments like this that make me happy I'm ending the blog in four months.

Enough rambling. (That's one thing that makes me sad about ending the blog in four months.)

My final song of the year:

And for my 2017 playlists featuring all Songs of the Moment:

Sadly a lot of them are from moments when I had them stuck in my head and not memorable moments. With the exception of I Got Rhythm and They Can't Take That Away From Me; I went to see An American in Paris. And the New Kids On the Block ones, saw them perform when I went to see the Late Late Show. And of course Beauty and the Beast and The Nutcracker.

Quick note on the 2018 playlist, like I mentioned above I'll only be blogging for four more months but I will still be adding to my playlists on Spotify. Just because the blog is ending doesn't mean the moments will.

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