Thursday, January 25, 2018

30 Song Challenge: Song From Your Favorite Album

This, like most challenges like it, is technically suppose to be a 30 day challenge but I've decided to make it weekly because; sadly, I'll only be blogging for 12 more weeks (not counting the final blogoversary week).

Song 12: Song From Your Favorite Album

Is favorite album a thing? Because, it's been years since I've cared that much about one set of songs. Back in middle school I'd come home Fridays and play whichever album I was obsessed with at the time. (Probably S Club 7 or Britney Spears.)
And I am now sad to realize that my Friday nights were a lot more interesting then than they are now.

Looking at it (that's just an expression I'm not really looking at anything) the only album I've shown any interest in was an IL Volo one... and that was from three years ago. It's hard for me to fall in love or become attached to most things! (Hence the dull Friday nights.)

As I said the first time I shared this song on a Song of the Moment post (3 years ago):

I couldn't not fall in love with this song, but what made me love it more was the background story. I don't even know why I decided to look up it's origin- clearly that's how much I liked it- but it turns out it's from a Charlie Chaplin movie which I thought was pretty awesome.
Me: any excuse to fall in love with something from the past.

Thoughts 3 years later: Still absolutely love the song.
But I've since found out a few things about Charlie Chaplin, and well he was a horrible person.

Song 13: Wonder Woman Theme - Tina Guo
Song 14: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Song 15: What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
Song 16: I Don't Care - Judy Garland
Song 17: The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
Song 18: The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing - Danny Kaye
Song 19: Unchained Melody (Senza Catene) - Il Divo
Song 20: Bye Bye Bye - Postmodern Jukebox
Song 21: About Life - Julianne Hough
Song:22: Rum'n'Cocacola - Tim Tim
Song 23: That's All
Song 24: Just Dance - Lady Gaga
Song 25: Hey Jude - The Beatles
Song 26: Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Bublé
Song 27: Last Time For Everything - Brad Paisley
Song 28: Like A Virgin - Madonna
Song 29: Crazy - Daniela Andrade
Song 30: Dream A Little Dream - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Listen to the playlist so far.

Next week's song: Song You Listen To When Angry

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