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Best of: My Dream Author Panels - Repost

Originally Posted: December 12, 2016

I have to admit I kind of hesitated with this and even afterwards had trouble coming up with an idea because when it comes to favorite authors, I think I've met them all. Of course I say this and a list of authors I haven't met come to mind. They sadly don't make it out to Los Angeles or the events I go to; which is actually why I skipped all book events this year, no one new.

Not that past favorites aren't worth it, which leads me to my second reason to hesitate: I've seen some pretty cool panels.

So being asked to come up with a dream panel kind of left me thinking "what more can a girl ask for?"

I did have the option of doing characters, which I was totally getting ready for, but for the same reason* I don't do character interviews I decided to go back to their authors.

*That reason being I have no real imagination when it comes to overthinking characters.

Panel #1

I decided one dream panel would be for the authors of the characters I was thinking about. Now I'm not a big fan of leather but whenever I spend time around theses characters I'm always left wanting a leather jacket just like theirs. Their tough, their fighters, they will beat the crap out of you. All while wearing a pretty awesome outfit; some including said leather jacket.

Author #1:
Meg Cabot

Suze Simon from The Mediator series
Jess Mastriani from 1-800-Where-R-You series

Author #2:
Richelle Mead

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy series

Author #3
Margaret Stohl

Ava Orlova
Natasha Romanoff
both from the Black Widow series

Author #4
Aimée Carter

Kitty Doe from The Blackcoat Rebellion trilogy

None of these characters can be described as "damsels in distress," they're actually the complete opposite of that, and would probably punch you if you called them a damsel. They are characters we not only love to read about but probably kind of want to be. ( I did just admit to wanting a leather jacket because of a few of them - Suze and Rose, if you're wondering-.)

The overall basis of this panel would mainly focus on where these characters came from, how not only are they what the world needs and wants but also why the authors decided to put them on paper.

Panel #2
Was originally going to be a pop culture panel but I couldn't entirely pin point examples, so I decided to go with my ultimate favorite authors, and conveniently they all make me laugh. A lot.

Author #1:
Meg Cabot (she's my favorite author I'd put her on any panel)

The Princess Diaries
Size 12 is Not Fat
The Boy Next Door
(to name a few)

Author #2
Libba Bray

Beauty Queens
Going Bovine
(her short stories found in anthologies are pretty fun too)

Author #3
Michele Jaffe

Bad Kitty
Kitty Kitty
(PS someone needs to let her continue this series)

A panel of authors who have made me laugh; now that is all a girl can ask for. I have literally stopped and laughed out loud while reading some of these books. Kind of awkward when I was listening to the audio of Beauty Queens since I was in class.

Basis for this panel: none. Just make it like a slumber party and go where it goes.

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