Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Best of: Running Away with The Doctor - Repost

*"Thought" originally posted here: October 28, 2013

Here's something I haven't done in a while, gone off on a thought-filled thought. This is actually a thought that has been going through my mind for years in some form or other, I've most likely even mentioned it before. And also Doctor Who.

Doctor Who mainly comes into the subject when my cousin brings up our never ending discussion on the Doctors companions.

To her it's a very unlucky position they're in, seeing as how in the end they all share the same fate.
Death, in some unlikely shape or form.

And yes I have to agree that it sucks to be taken away from everything you know, not to mention your family, and go off to some far off, strange land with creatures you've never even dreamed of.
That are probably trying to kill you.

First off the companions are not being kidnapped, a lot of them actually volunteered to go, it's their choice. And in the end traveling around the universe in the TARDIS or not they would still be out there trying to save the world anyway they could.
But that's just a note on the show.

My point of view in our discussion is, sure they're in perpetual danger they can step outside and be done for. But at least they're doing something.

They see things that no one else ever will and do things they never imagined they would.

"I rode the roller coaster on the rings of Saturn!"
That's a Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch reference, sorry don't mean to get my shows mixed together.

And they literally save the world!

Death comes in the end for everyone. Sadly, too soon for some.
But until that inevitable fate comes we might as well do a little, or preferably a lot, of living. Go out and see what the world has to offer. Say yes to any chance you get, you never know when you'll get such an opportunity again.

Grow a story to tell.

No one wants to hear about you're time lounging around the beach in Hawaii, they want to hear about you zip-lining or whatever amazing thing you find exploring the island.

An odd expression of mine - and trust me I have many- has always been: It's an experience. Whatever "it" may be. Yes, while it's happening you might think that it's the worst thing possible but once you get through it, it becomes a part of who you are.

When I started that sentence my idea of "worst possible experience" wasn't anything dire, but it turned into one. What I originally meant was a minor inconvenience. I got lost in the woods with my sister and cousins when I was eight. Scary for an eight-year-old right?
Now it's a story I tell. Not often because I do have better, but still it's a story.

Point here is: there's so much to do. As much as I enjoy staying home and reading about people going out and having adventures, sometimes, or often, I know I should go have some of my own.

I might never get to runaway with the Doctor but I'm sure someday I'll be running with someone.
Here's just hoping someday/one will come sooner than later.

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