Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Winter's Respite Readathon Starting Post

I totally forgot that this would be a month long readathon and hadn't given much thought to it or what I would be reading.
Yes in the final weeks of 2017 I was looking at my books thinking I should set aside all the ones I want to read; but I would always stop myself because that's usually an unrealistic goal.

Especially for a month long readathon, not to mention one I'm going into feeling like I'm slowing down when it comes to reading. (I'm sure I'll get a second wind soon.)

Side note: Since these readathons are now a month long, and I'll only be blogging for four more months, this will be the final one where I share my updates on here. Sad. I plan on saying my goodbyes mid-April, right in the middle of the next readathon.
I'll probably be sharing updates on Twitter or the Facebook group, I really should start doing that now to get the hang of it. And if anyone has interesting journal ideas on keeping track of progress I'd love to see them.

For sure reading this month:
35023946Ghost Flower

Will hopefully get to:
Mata Hari's Last DanceViolent EndsBefore I Let Go

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