Friday, February 16, 2018

At the Brink by Anna del Mar - Book Review

At the Brink (At the Brink #1)At the Brink by Anna del Mar
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Published May 2nd 2016 by Carina Press
A Story of Sexual Obsession

I should never have agreed to it.

A woman will do a lot to keep her husband happy. But when my husband sells me to the highest bidder—billionaire, former navy SEAL, pride of Boston's business scene—I agree, not to keep him happy, but because it gives me the chance to finally escape. Escape my marriage, escape my debts, escape my life…

Josh Lane demands a steep price: my pride and my morals. But the truth is, I've never felt anything like what I feel for him. He brings color into my gray world. And his insistence that I submit to his commands—his depraved, filthy, amazing commands—only feeds my craving to be taken by him. Again. And again.

I should never have agreed to it, but I'm so glad I did.

I don't need to pay to keep women in my bed. Though my preferences may be unorthodox, I never leave a woman unsatisfied—far from it. Lily Boswell, though… Her innocence draws me, her secrets intrigue me. Having her is worth dealing with her cowardly scum of a husband.

I want to release her passions and heal her wounds.

On my terms.

Because the blindfolds and restraints hide more than she could imagine. I must keep her safe from the people who would destroy me—and the demons that haunt my dreams.

I was fully prepared to apologize to the author for making her answer such a mundane question as "What Makes At The Brink Unique?" when I hosted a guest post for the release of this book (and I truly am sorry for the mundane question; not having read the book I couldn't come up with anything more detailed and I believe I might have had a limited amount of time to come up with something better. I'm pretty sure I'm the reason why tour hosts request something more elaborate than simple "List 10 Things" questions for guest posts now.) but now I'm kind of glad I made her try to prove why her book was different from all other romance novels out there (pretty sure those were around my exact words too). Because, honestly? Not so much.

Male character: rich, powerful, dominate, broken, guarded with secrets, won't let himself love or be loved.
Enter female character who changes that last part: troubled, a bit broken herself, in need of rescuing, bit uptight, insecure (why would a guy like him want me?).
I could on.

I don't know what led me to stick around, I'd make a joke and say it was the sex but I genuinely don't know, I just really wanted to know how it would end.
I did like the ending. Even if what led to it made no real sense and was wrapped up way too quickly.

Maybe this book would be enticing to someone like Lily, new to this type of world, but for someone who has been around these themes and genre it's kind of a been there done that sense.

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