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Best of: I'm Single and Guess What? I Like It! - Repost

Originally Posted: March 16, 2015

I might get that title printed on a shirt. People don't seem to want to accept it.
And I'm getting to a point where I feel I need to be blunt about it.

I recently had a situation where I said something couldn't be done. I didn't say I couldn't do it, I wasn't asking for help, and even when I got the unwanted help it still wasn't possible.

Then, of course, frustrated with the uselessness of that help I went back and of course was able to figure it out myself.

This is basically me and relationships. It's not that I can't find anyone, I'm just not trying very hard. I'm not asking for help. I don't appreciate being asked if I have a preference in nationalities. I don't want to hear that I'm being picky when I say I have no interest in the younger guy they're telling me about, I don't want to meet random guys that just broke up with their girlfriends and I don't want to hear how my life is going to change with the guy someone picked out for me. (Someone once said that about a vegetarian changing my eating habits. No.)

Simply put: I'm NOT desperate for a boyfriend!
If anything people are getting desperate to find me one.

I recently realized that the more people pressure me about this, the more I like being single. I've always been the type to go against the crowd, so that's probably it. People tell me I need a boyfriend, I tell myself they're wrong.

I guess I should say now that it's not about not wanting a boyfriend; I do, I just have a list of other wants I'd like to focus on.

And yeah I'm aware of the whole "It'll happen when you least expect it" and I except that. But that's the thing it's when I least expect it; not when someone throws it at me.

I really want to ask these people- although I should probably just say women since that's who's doing the desperate searching- if they remember being single. If they remember when their world was just them (as selfish as it might sound). I know people who haven't been single since before I was too young to date and sometimes I feel like they don't have their own identity, to a point where they can't go anywhere alone.

I have no problem doing things and going places on my own.

But that might be the problem, people don't want to see me alone. Last week a woman was telling me how her brother-in-law recently died without a family and he never took her advice about relationships.
Then she mentioned wanting to introduce me to some guy.

I was pretty annoyed by her speech that it took me about an hour to realize that she's basically telling me not to die alone.
I guess I should appreciate it if that's her thought process; but well it's like a birthday gift if it's not from your wish list you might not like it.

Just because they're male doesn't mean we're going to live happily ever after and name our kid after you.
On the other hand maybe it'll work out great, but then I'll have someone literally watching over my relationship.

I'm always hearing people go on about how great their significant other is and how they can't imagine life if they'd never met them and blah blah kittens and ponies, and I will gladly join them when the time comes. But, until then, don't rush me.

PS PLEASE don't tell me about your significant other because I will never feel about them the way you do so sometimes it's just bleh.

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