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Best of: Little Bird by Liza Gaines - Book Review Repost*

Originally Posted: October 18, 2013

Little Bird by Liza Gaines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published August 16th 2013 by Musa Publishing

In his bonds, she learns to soar.

Lee Jackson is bad news for a girl like Savannah Alderton. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling her when her boss tasks her with assisting Lee in the search for his missing ex-wife. But despite all the warnings and Lee’s overbearing attitude, she’s attracted to him from the start. Wanting more than the casual sex he readily offers, Savannah fears she is bound to get hurt. Can she take that risk?

After a dysfunctional marriage and demoralizing divorce, Lee doesn’t do relationships. Casual sex with women who don’t expect more is enough to meet his needs; especially if those women share his appetite for handcuffs and crops. Which means Savannah is all wrong for him. She isn’t his type, she’s naïve and inexperienced, and worst of all, she’s exactly the kind of woman who will want more than a rough tumble between his sheets. Still, Lee can’t seem to stay away and he can’t help but wonder if maybe he’s underestimated her.

As the situation with his ex-wife becomes more desperate, Lee and Savannah struggle to overcome their fears and begin to imagine a life together. Will they live long enough to see those dreams become reality?

I used to call my niece little bird... I don't know if I'll be doing that anymore. Actually no, truthfully I gave that up sometime ago. But I was reminded of that every once in a while.

About halfway through this book I stopped and asked myself "When did I start to review this genre?" Turns out March, kind of snuck up on me though. Well March was more the turning point in which I started actually getting books that I enjoyed reading and didn't subtly insult in the reviews.

Sorry to those previous books, but they did suck. And not just because they were about vampires.
They tried too hard and needed an instant connection.

That's what's different about this one. It's good without trying to be. Well of course I'm sure the author put a lot into it too make it good, but you know what I mean. I doesn't feel like it. It's natural. It's just great in so many unnamable ways.
It's like those people who are hot but don't know it.

Unlike one of our main characters, Lee, who knows he's hot and will probably tell you so. I'm not sure how I felt about the characters, other than knowing I did like them both. Ignoring the fact that one is possessive and the other is somewhat naïve, but then again maybe that's why I liked them. They're a new kind of possessive and naïve, by which I mean I at no moment wanted to punch either of them like would want to with other characters with those traits.
So, hey, that's good news.

The one thing that I loved is that it has a anything can happen in an instant theme going on. With one early morning call Savannah's life is completely changed. And I felt very live in the moment with it.

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