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Best of: Me and The Princess Diaries - Repost

Originally Posted: August 3, 2016

It's the 15th anniversary of The Princess Diaries movie! Since I consider this movie to be the "first domino" of who I am I just have to re-share my story of when I went to see it (15 years ago!) and the lasting results it left.

Like most readers I discovered Meg Cabot thanks to a certain Disney movie based on her book
The Princess Diaries.

Random story: my mom was brushing a little girl's hair and when the brush flew out of her hand I asked if she broke it, she responded by saying "Oh what like Princess Mia?"
She does pay attention!

I was 11 when the movie came out, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Which kind of makes me question my life if I remember things like that so well; like I also remember what I was wearing when I went to see the second one 12 years ago.

I spent the day with my cousin- other than being the only other girl in my family at the time; we were also born a few months from each other so we spent a lot of time together, (sadly we lost touch sometime around the second movie. She did want to go see it with me but kept blowing me off to hang out with her friends and ended up getting mad that I went without her). I'm pleased to say I don't actually remember what we did, probably watched some stupid movie and made fun of our other cousin; but I do remember her mother annoying me (which even if I didn't remember wouldn't be too far a guess).

Speaking of annoying her step-father decided to join us at the movies, but spent most of the way there trying to convince my dad to ditch us at the "kiddie" movie and go over to the other movie playing (name of which I won't share).
Thing most people don't know: my dad happens to like "kiddie" movies.

We all tried to convince her step-dad to go on his own but instead he went in with us,... and then when it ended decided we were going to sneak in to see his movie.

On my side bio here I say that I've been a self-proclaimed drama queen since I was 12, well at age 11 I was working up to that and had myself a bit of a drama queen moment that night (or, since it does fit the occasion, a "Princess Mia moment;" I believe had I kept a better journal at the time it would have sounded a lot like Mia's).

I was mad: I don't want to watch this movie! All I wanted was the princess movie! You've ruined what was a really great day! We don't even have tickets! People paid to see this and now there aren't enough seats! And what the hell are you teaching us kids!?

During this movie my cousin turned to me excited and announced that it was funny how our parents enjoyed the "kiddie" movie more than us and that we were enjoying this unnamable movie more than them.

Me (in my mind of course): NO! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO BE HERE! THIS MOVIE IS STUPID!

When the movie let out at like 9 (that's a guess but I also remember I got even madder when I realized I was missing that night's episode of Charmed, even though it was summer so it's not like it was a new episode), step-dad decided we were going out to dinner: for Chinese food.
Which, of course, I did not eat at the time, so I most likely went without dinner.

My dad, who actually did want to leave after our movie, found it amusing for years after, that at 11, I had refused to be pushed into doing something I didn't want to and knew right from wrong.
(For a man who enjoys princess movies, he really wasn't meant to have a daughter.)

Now that I see that all out I gotta wonder why I even like this movie, you'd think I'd have a pretty bad connotation to it.

But despite the crappy day I had when I went to see it I did really enjoy it.

So much so that two years later while at the bookstore I was instantly drawn towards a book titled: The Princess Diaries.

There it was all pink with it's tiara.

(Which is kind of similar to this blog background now that I think of it... I'm sure there's no connection. No really there isn't; at least not a conscious one.) 

I joke that it was that day that I realized: they make movies out of books!?

I also say that I don't even know what I was doing in a bookstore in the first place. But I probably considered myself a bit of a reader at the time, even if I only read so many books.

After that I was hooked!
Goodbye, everything I thought I knew. Hello new world!

I carried my copy of The Princess Diaries around like it was a security blanket. Mia instantly became my new best friend, and since at the time my best friend had ditched me after 6 years, really my only friend. I'm not even sure how many times I read it that summer.

My system was probably: read The Princess Diaries, read another book, read The Princess Diaries, read another book.

I was gone! If anything I probably fell in love with the movie all over.

Suddenly I had a new favorite part:

Don't think I didn't cheer this part.

These books (thanks to the movie) were not only a huge part of my life, but they're a part of who I am.

I can't completely say The Princess Diaries made me who I am, like I mentioned I was a drama queen long before I ever discovered it, and I can't say if it even played a factor other than giving me a love of books. Which is one thing alone to be grateful for.

It's made me feel, it's made me think, it's the reason I'm constantly using the phrase "self-actualized" and it's just given me so much that words can not explain how much this series means to me.

Don't ask me about my high school years ask me about my Princess Diaries years.

As time goes by I think I love the movie even more. There's so much about it that I don't even know where to begin. I get nostalgic by simply watching the trailer, that alone brings back so many feelings. This is definitely a "special place in my heart" type of movie.

Like I said above, it's the first domino that led me to so much more, and that "so much more" is what helped me become who I have been, who I am, and maybe who I might be.

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