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Best of: The Meg Effect - Repost

Originally Posted: June 27, 2012

The Meg Effect, you know that after feeling a book will leave you when you finish it. Call it what you want, but in 9th grade I referred to it as the Meg Effect. Well the Meg Cabot Effect to be exact, mainly because it only ever occurred when I read her books.

Although looking back at that year everything I read was by her, except maybe 4. One was before I started reading outside of The Princess Diaries, and another was a Meg Cabot Recommendation.

But because of her books I have multiple, or at least plenty, journal entries going on and on about how her books are so great and how I couldn't stop thinking about them, and that I'll never ever find any other book to top it... until the next in the series is published that it.

Don't believe me?

Done during my algebra class, was accused of writing on the desk because I was acting strange.

I sat in the front row I wasn't exactly going to wave it around!

I think the reason I was trying not to think of The Princess Diaries was because Princess in Pink had just come out and I wasn't allowed to read it until the weekend because we were going out of town and I'd need something to read on the way.

That's actually from my 8th grade journal, when it was The Princess Diaries Effect, I didn't change until mid-ninth grade.

Which is when I read nothing but
Sorry I know it's blurry, the lighting in a very pink room isn't the best.

I'm not sure why I only have January but you get my point. January AND April were spent with The Mediator. February: a few stand-alones and once again The Princess Diaries on through March. May: 1-800 Where-Are-You. And repeat lots of repeats.

Well no my reading went down during the summer, either that or I didn't write it down.

I guess it's no wonder why I was constantly experiencing the Meg Effect that year seeing as how that's all I exposed myself to.
Not that I would have it any other way.

Meg Cabot was my freshman year. My nephew just turned 7 and when asked to remember what I was doing 7 years ago my answer was: I was obsessed with the movie Grease, obsessed with Meg Cabot's books and had a crush on a guy named Paul.
Only thing that has changed in that time is that Paul is long gone.

Again wouldn't have it any other way.

Now that one is from my 9th grade journal, I don't think I realized I wasn't in much of a position to be making list on my favorite books.
This one I tried to leave blurry because I had some very odd reasons.
Mainly: ROB! ROB! Oh and JESSE TOO!

Pretty much how I spent most of my freshman year.

Me at my QuinceaƱera, no I wasn't actually reading the book at the party, but I might have been thinking of it.

Notice the practically empty bookshelf.

Ignore the Barbies

One more memento from that year:

Those were her only YA books at the time, I'm not sure what made me save this all these years. Other than well the Meg Effect.

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