Sunday, March 18, 2018

10 Likes & 10 Dislikes

Why do I feel like the dislikes are going to come easier?


1. When people jump into your conversation with a stupid comment not really knowing what you're talking about. If you have some useful fact to share on the topic than by all means join in, if you just want to hear yourself talk. Talk to yourself.

2. When I state a fact, and get a response of: "No." No rebuttal, no extra facts, not even an opinion. Just "No."
I'm being told the facts I know (because I read them!) are untrue simply because this person believes it to be true.

3. I state a fact, am told it's untrue then have to endure that person pulling out their phone to Google it. And then reword everything I already said.

Wow, those three are really male orientated.
Okay, fair trade, women now!

4. Over sharers. You do not need to write an Oscar length speech on Facebook just because your significant other didn't bail on you when you were feeling sick.
And I'm pretty sure he didn't send you flowers so you can brag about them.
Unless he did, then you two deserve each other.

5. Daily selfie takers. Sorry, but I don't want to see your face. Especially if it is just your face. If you go somewhere maybe take a picture of just the view, your face is distracting and it looks exactly like all the others you've shared.

I once said I was going to take a picture add different backgrounds and see if anyone notices that I never change. Doubt they would.

I know that probably came off mean, but I've seen too many posts that are pretty much "Hey, look at our faces!" with no real differences.

6. People questioning my lifestyle because it's not what they think it should be.

7. My constant procrastination. And ability to make myself not care about certain things. (Though that last part can also be considered a Like.)

8. Feeling like I have to explain myself, because people don't believe what I say.
Yes, it was a total coincident that I happened to put on a green shirt on St Patrick's Day, no really didn't do it on purpose. I got dressed in a hurry.

9. People singing along.
Unless it's a singalong.

10. The fact that I decided to start (and end) blogging during a month when my mood plummets.


1. Seeing people pull out books when they're waiting.

2. Pictures of kittens. Or any baby animal.

3. Looking back and seeing how far I've gone.

4. The fact that my dislikes are much more detailed.

5. Socks. Interesting ones! Not just plain old socks.

6. That "Me too!" moment when you're talking with someone and realize you have something in common.

7. The idea of just picking a place and going.

8. That second wind when I decided I'm not done yet.

9. Music that just hits right.

10. Finding inspiration in the most random places.

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