Monday, March 19, 2018

5 Places I Want to Visit

I can show me the world!
Sorry I was just listening to the Aladdin soundtrack.

You know what would be really fun?
Well mainly for me, listing all the places I have already been to. I've always wanted to do that.
On a bag or something.

My number one place I want to visit?
I don't even remember why, or if I ever had a genuine reason. Probably the same reason for Rome; the mythology the ancient history.

2. Ireland

3. Morocco
This was an option when we went to Spain but we ended up going to Paris. Yes, one of my reasons is because of the movie Casablanca, but I was looking at pictures the other day and it's all so pretty.
Plus I did a DNA test and got a pretty large hit in that area.

4. Prague
Speaking of pictures.
The book Daughter of Smoke and Bone might have also been a tiny influence.

5. Do return visits count?

I would love to go back to Rome. We only had the day so we really didn't get to see much. I'd also like to go back to Paris, Versailles was closed and I had to pass on the Moulin Rouge.

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