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Best of: One More Meg Story

Originally Posted: July 20, 2012

And just like that our two months as Meg-a-Readers has come to an end. Well that’s not true, we’ll always be Meg-a-readers.

Normally I don’t like endings but I’m alright with this. Even if there is so much left unsaid, that’s because I’ve heard through the grapevine – by which I mean the discussions I've had with Mandy – there is talk of us doing this again next year.
(Yeah I know I totally went third person there.)

First off I have to thank my co-host Mandy for coming up with the entire idea and inviting me to join. This was all her, posting promoting, getting this event out there for everyone to know about. Everyone aware of this event is probably only reading this because of her.

Not only did she get people joining in but she got Meg herself talking about it!

Which brings me to my second thanks; the reason for all of this Meg Cabot.

The reason I read, the reason I spent a huge majority of my time in my ninth grade computer class reading her blog, and the reason I myself have a journal.

(9th grade journal, which looks more like a scrapbook than a journal. Pictures aren't even of me, there mainly Orlando Bloom. Oh to be 15)

I got my first journal, or diary as I called them then, when I was 9; obviously I didn’t have much to write about so it lasted until I was about 13.

If my cousin hadn’t given me my second journal for my birthday I don’t know if I had bought a new one. I can’t say what drove me to keep writing those four years, so I’m not sure if it would have been enough to keep me going afterwards.

Although I was a bit of a journal hoarder so I might have already had a couple waiting for me before my cousin even gave me the other. Don’t ask what I was saving them for I don’t know. I always say everything I do has a reason, going back 12 years maybe my reasons were that I wanted to be that stereotype teenage girl writing everyday in her journal.

And this was before I met Princess Mia.

Coincidentally a few weeks into my new journal I went to the bookstore and happened upon The Princess Diaries. After Princess in the Spotlight, I was all about writing in my journal like Mia, even when I didn’t even have a lot to say.

Now almost ten years and ten journals later I have a box filled with memories of the person I used to be, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.
In the long run it’s why I continue to write, although honestly it’s been a while since I’ve been in the mood to do so, it’s still a great way to remember things I know I won’t remember in a few years.

Totally forgot that I never mentioned the day I met Meg, there's actually a reason for that. There's no real story there.
I was the first to get there, turned around saw the line and started wondering if it was always there.
So yes I might have cut in front of a lot of people but really I'd probably do it again.
It was on the way home that I realized I already had Meg's autograph.

Although I never got that sticker/bookplate mentioned, oh well a personalized book is always better.

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