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Best of: Summer of 2003 - Repost

Originally Posted: September 22, 2013

Last year for my opening Meg-a-Readers post I mentioned that I first read The Princess Diaries the summer I was 13, which was in 2003. And I realized that not only did I discover The Princess Diaries, and to some extent Meg Cabot (although I didn't really acknowledge her until maybe a few months later) that summer but I discover a lot of things that probably made me who I am today and changed my way of doing things.
That sounds so deep, but chances are when I'm done I'll sound shallow.

Anyway that post last year inspired me to start planning a post for this summer. And 'm sure I even mentioned it earlier this summer.

Unfortunately this summer was rather hectic.
Actually you know what?
I should be honest, it was in no way "hectic," this summer could have been a breeze, I was shut down. Back in May I came home from work one night, and instead of hiding out like I normally do, I stuck around and was cornered with the "You don't mind" question. You know, the one that really isn't a question and you have to agree to, just to keep some peace.

Actually I never did agree to it, I had no problem saying that I did mind and repeatedly said no, but, again, it wasn't an actual I can choose type of question.

So, at the risk of sounding overdramatic, -although it is in the name- my summer goals were crushed and I shut down.
I promised I'd sound shallow, now I sound selfish.

But enough of the summer that never happened, this is about the summer of my "awakening." And what better day to share it than the first day of Autumn? It can also be considered as the last day this post would make sense.

June 2003 (or really May) I'm a seventh grader and that week I have a crush on a guy named Paul (one of many in my life).

While dropping my sister at work in the mall my dad suggest walking around; I'm pretty sure my uncle was there too and that he was on crutches but whatever apparently walking makes you heal faster.
I walk into a bookstore, not Borders but what a nice touch that would have been.
Up until then most books I read were either Classics adapted for young readers or a few books in The Boxcar Children series. As much as I liked them I never got to far in the series, it probably didn't help that I started reading them in a day.
Who knows what I was looking for, I wasn't much of a reader so a good question alone would be what the heck I was doing in a bookstore in the first place?
Let's just call it fate.
Of course since I was so 13, I went straight to the YA section, and there is was in all it's pinkness, The Princess Diaries!
Like the movie!

And that there is when I discovered that they make movies out of books. I was probably already aware of that fact since after we read a book in class we would sometimes watch the movie, but it was never anything I though too much about.
Again, why it was the summer of my "awakening," I started being more aware of, well everything.

Speaking of movies that was also the summer Pirates of the Caribbean came out.
One word: infatuated.
I realized movies really could be awesomely amazing.
But of course the main discovery here: Orlando Bloom. He was my official introduction to celebrity crushes and probably the first guy I thought was so cute. Sorry Paul.

Like with Meg Cabot books filling my shelves over the years, Orlando Bloom covered my walls from 2004 to late 2009. There's still a small one behind my door in my own room; and this week I just put up my giant Dead Man' Chest poster in my current room.
13 year old me would me very happy.

I also rediscovered classic TV shows. which is why I am a huge classic movie fan today. Long story short on that one.
These were the pre-Hot in Cleveland days of TVLand when the programing made sense. When a TV show was a TV show.
And it's also why I watch so little TV nowadays. Although with the new season coming that's probably going to change soon.

And lastly that summer was when I discovered I was a drama queen. That discovery might have been made out the summer before, or at least in was pointed out to me then, but I didn't realize it until a year later. The overall story of that could tie in with the story above of this years summer: people upset me and I have no problem letting them know it. Which in turn leads them to thinking I'm just a drama queen.
It's worked out for me over the years.

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