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Best of: Welder by Day Dancer by Night - Repost

Originally Posted: July 29, 2014

For today's Tune In post, I've decided to merge it with my Meg-a-Readers story for today.
Because it's not like I haven't been doing the same throughout the summer, by which I really mean twice.

This actually doesn't have much to do with Meg Cabot, it's more a story about me. But of course the story of me usually does involve her books.

Last year during our Meg-a-Readers event I mentioned that I've never seen the movie Flashdance but because of Meg Cabot I thought it would be pretty cool to be a welder by day and dancer by night. (Unfortunately I think I said that on Twitter and it has since disappeared.)
But I also said that it could have very much happened.

And here's the story to that.
Which I have to say I feel like I'm building it up more than it really is.

I've always loved dancing. And performing, which probably comes off as a contradiction considering that I've always been seen as very shy.
When I was little all I really wanted was to take dance classes, of course my sister had a keyboard so instead I was stuck in piano classes.
I also really wanted a violin and figured that it would be easy to dance with if the situation ever arrived. Never got that violin, my sister got a guitar though. Not bitter. At least not today.

Because I never got that violin, I hated the piano so much more!
Not where I was going with my point; but true. If anyone asks I tell them I can't play to save a life. Which is more or less true.
But because I never got a violin I started saying that I wasn't meant to make the music I was meant to dance to it.

When I was 14 I finally got to be in a dance class- my mom likes saying it was her doing to get me out of the house, because apparently she forgot that I always loved dancing. Because it was my mom's "doing" it was a belly dance class.

I dance for about 4 years and when I was 17 someone mentioned working at a restaurant where they have belly dancers.
Enter dancer at night.

We'll get to why it didn't work out in a minute.

Now, why would I even consider being a welder?
Two words: Aptitude test.
In 11th grade my guidance counselor - who was awesome compared to the counselor I got stuck with my senior year. Who after reading 13 Reasons Why had me thinking "Yeah, she'd have been one of my reasons if I hadn't been stronger." And there's a story for yet another day.- called in a group of us into the library to take an aptitude test so we could start considering fields we might like.

Seeing as how above I mentioned my love of dance and wanting a violin, it came as no surprise that I scored high in the arts department. So I was given a list of careers in that field: designer, actor, musician, dancer, painter, basically anything that involved creating. Including welder.

I thought it was pretty funny and immediately thought of all the times a Meg Cabot character mentioned the movie Flashdance.
I was already a dancer. And there's actually a few welders on my mom's side of the family. They're all men, but still!

I spent the rest of the week telling people: "Guess what I'm gonna do with my life." I was the only one who'd read the books so they didn't get my excitement.

Of course at 17 I changed my mind once a week- hey at 24 I still do, but at least now it's down to once or twice a month- and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. All I was sure about was that I wanted to create.
I was then given a list of cons to being a welder and was considered too "petite" (also didn't look my age) to dance anywhere off a performance stage. (I wasn't actually told this directly that's just me connecting the dots.)

So that basically ended my dream of being the person mentioned in those Meg Cabot novels. Yes the girl mentioned in Meg Cabot books, not the girl from Flashdance because so many years later I still haven't bothered watching it.

Now for anyone who is just here for my Tune In post I give you the end song for the movie:

Which my cousin and I once slaughtered at karaoke one year for my birthday.

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