Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Habit I Wish I Didn't Have

I'm limited to just one right?
Which to pick?

We can always go with me constantly changing my mind. "I'll do it! No but I don't want to!" I have to, I can't!"
This intro alone is making me realize how screwed up I am.
Whatever I'm not going into it.

I'll just say I was trying to be clever because I already changed my mind, like, three times while writing it.

Screw it; habit I wish I didn't have?

Being easily distracted when I'm working.
I wonder what's going on on Facebook or Twitter; I haven't checked my email in 30 minutes. Goodreads! I need to look at all the books I've read in the past five years.

Or when I'm listening to music and I stop to "feel" the music.
These lyrics so get me!
Don't get me started on instrumentals. I'm a dancer!

I'd get work done a lot quicker if I didn't oh look a bird!

30 minutes later... (no not really, at least not this time)
I'm a "in the zone" type of worked once I jump in I'm gone. But it's hard getting in that zone. Especially since I work from home.
Not that I wouldn't have that problem anywhere else. When I was in class I would wear headphones, (listening to audiobooks actually helps) and I'd have people stand over me until I took them off because they wanted something.
So while I am my own problem people don't help much either.
(Like my mom who interrupted while I was typing that last part.)

Can I go back to the "change my mind" intro, because I'm pretty sure when I started I was thinking of making daydreaming my habit. Of course that was maybe my fourth idea.

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