Thursday, March 29, 2018

Meet the Family

This post would have gone well with today's original 30 Song Challenge theme; which was Song that Reminds You of Your Parents. So much time could have been saved because, of course, I would have put the two posts together. But, sadly, I couldn't think of a song.

I also can't think of much to say because, really, the plan was song + picture. This is a song that makes me think of my parents, this is a picture of my parents.

The title does say "family" and there is more than just the three of is, god knows I've bitched enough about my sister and her kids. But it's because of those negative connotations that I won't be sharing them here. That I don't even have pictures of them.
All I will say on the subject is that I always dreamed of being the "cool aunt" from California but unfortunately was turned into the aunt "who is there for your convenience." Like those hand sanitizers in the store.

Flashback pic? (Eww did I really just say "pic"?)
It's me with my cousins, 20 years ago.
I like to say that me wearing a romper in this picture is exactly why I refuse to wear them now. Been there, done that.
I've also said that we look like that cast of a cheesy reality show.

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