Thursday, March 22, 2018

My Favorite Book

What was I thinking with this topic?!
Unfortunately I'm currently being lazier that usual and don't want to look up what the alternative would have been, so I'll just work with what I have.

Some time ago I thought of writing a post about my first favorite book, the one that got me hooked. Pretty sure it was going to be my way of figuring out which book really did it for me, since I'm always going on about how it was The Princess Diaries.

There's a long list of posts I (sadly) never got to, so I'm making this one that lost post.

So while I have gone on about my love for The Princess Diaries and the many ways it helped shape me into who I am today, it was not my first love.

That title goes to another princess book: Ella Enchanted.

My Goodreads review:
Ella Enchanted
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When my 6th grade teacher handed me this book I totally judged it by its cover. I'm not saying that a picture of Hugh Dancy would have improved my thoughts, especially since it was two years before the movie even came out. But it just seemed so simple.
The only thing that really got my attention was the description that said if someone ordered her to she would have to chop off her own head.
As I started reading I was still a little hesitant, I think what really got me reading was the study guides we got because it had a lot of spoilers, and I wanted to see what happened to get to those points.
So by the end I was pretty hooked and ended up reading ahead of the class, which gave me the chance to read it a second time and really enjoy it.

I have no idea how many times I reread it.
That month alone possibly. I loved it so much.

At some point I got my own copy that I would carry around everywhere. It's a miracle it's still in pretty good condition.
I really did love it so much!

It was the greatest thing.
Although it might also be the reason why I refused to watch a new movie that was very popular:  Harry Potter. It was no Ella Enchanted.
Something about wanting more fantasy? I don't know; I was 12.

And clearly I should have reserved any judgement for two years when the movie came out.

It's like a live-action Shrek. Shrek is only amusing because it's animated. And none of this Princess Bride for this generation. You want another Princess Bride get Rob Reiner!
I can't stand when people try to replicate something when the true magic lays with the original creator.

Did not realize I was so passionate about the subject. But really, it's like Dr Pepper vs Mr Pibb.

I didn't think all this when it first came out, once I got over my shock that the book I was constantly rereading (though maybe not as much because I had discovered The Princess Diaries at this point) and hoping would someday be a movie was being turned into a movie staring Princess Mia., I was pretty excited.
(A part of me would love to pull out my journal from the time- yes I still have it- it's buried in my closet and I really am being lazy right now.)
Safe to say it was an instant favorite.

It really wasn't until a decade later that I realized it's really not that great. Especially when compared to the beautifully amazing book.

I think I'm due for a reread.

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